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It is the discipline of developing and practicing the habits of sales that will separate those whose careers will be built in this economy.  For those that accept the challenge this glass is half full not half empty!

Not since 9/11 have hotel sales people been under as much pressure to generate revenue and now more than ever, those sales people that will succeed must realize that the world of hotel sales has changed.   

“There are still companies, social groups and associations traveling and having meetings -- the world hasn’t come to an end,” says Carol Verret. “Those that are going to succeed need to learn the sale skills and disciplines of successful sales people in other industries.    It is in this environment that the future DOS/Ms and VPs of sales will be developed.”  

Habit of Successful Hotel Sales People Webcast – Focus, Engage And Close
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In this seminar we will explore:

  • Motivation.   No one is going to be successful unless they believe in themselves and their ability to be successful!  How to get and stay motivated – the role of the GM and DOS in keeping the team ‘up’.  It is positive motivation that will keep sales people focused.
  • Focus.  A positive mental attitude allows sales people to focus on the possibilities in this market – which industry sectors are performing well and which are not.  It is the ability to focus time and effort on those prospects with the potential to give the hotel business.
  • Engage.    The most successful sales people focus on the prospect – what are their needs and objectives.  How can the sales people and the hotel fulfill these?  Giving prospects what they want is the ‘silver bullet’ that sales people use to build relationships.
  • Close.  This is not a ‘used car salesman’ ploy.  Sales people need to have their parameters and the autonomy to close the business while they have the prospect on the phone – no ‘checking in’ with anyone!

Nothing is more essential to the success of hotels that will generate revenue than the training and support of the sales team!  For this reason, this seminar should be attended by GMs, DOSs, Sales Managers and Revenue Managers – revenue generation is a team sport!

This web cast will be offered on October 24 at 10:00am PDT/11:00am MDT/12:00 Noon CDT and 1:00pm EDT.  The fee is $139 per connection and $129 for two or more connections from the same company. Click here to register.

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