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A Web Cast Marathon -- Three Web Casts December 7, 2007

A Double Shot of Hotel Sales Caffeine and a Single Shot of Revenue Management

The three most popular web casts of 2007 with new and updated content - they will not be repeated again, in 2008.   Ramp up for 2008!

The ‘I Hate Cold Calls' Web Cast - The New Paradigm of Sales!

You should hate cold calls especially to those lists that begin with A or those Business Journal lists of every industry in the local market!  How much time do you and your staff spend on them -- what is the ROI on that sales time in terms of leads generated and closed?

The good news is that cold calls are pretty much dead and no one misses them much - especially the people that were cold called! There is a new way of doing hospitality sales.  Discover how to enable a strategy that gets you out of the cold call loop including how to craft a compelling email approach!

It will be offered at 10:00am MST on Friday, December 7
$129 for each connection - $235 for two webinars!
Don't wait - this one fills fast!

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Web 2.0 and the Hotel Group Sales Process-Managing User Generated Content to Increase Sales!

 In a recent study by MiMegasite in TravelMole, 61% of meeting planners indicated that they make a venue decision based on information, photos and info found on the internet without the hassle of a personal on site visit.   

Many meeting planners are preferring third party sites like Star Cite, Elite meetings, EMC Venues, etc., to solicit initial RFPs in order to narrow the field of suitable hotels prior to engaging with any of them.  Many of them are using ‘instant' RFPs, often attached to a property's or a franchise web site.  This also applies to those SMERF social groups!

This was tied with the last program as the most popular program of 2007.
It will be offered at 12:00 Noon MDT, Friday December 7.
$129 for each connection
$235 for two webinars!

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Habits of Highly Successful Revenue Managers - Expanded for 2008!

The role of the revenue manager has morphed from managing a few Online Travel agencies to encompass a wide variety of distribution channels.   How quickly it has changed in just the blink of a year!    Even the smallest hotels can maximize revenue and increase market penetration with just few of these online initiatives!

Revenue managers interface with sales on positioning and responses to leads from the small group sites, monitoring the impact of e-marketing initiatives on the production of the various revenue channels, the list is expanding at warp speed.  Then there are the blogs, message boards, the list goes on and on.  

This was tied as the most popular web cast of 2007!  Back due to continued requests!

This program will be offered at 2:00pm MDT
Friday December 7
$129 for each connection
$235 for two webinars!

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Choose all three for a full day marathon
(with time for lunch and to check email)
for only $327!

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