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Maximizing the Inquiry Opportunity

The customers that calls or sends an email inquiry is a unique opportunity to develop new close business that we wouldn't otherwise have.    Maximizing that opportunity depends upon telephone sales skills -- they are shopping other hotels.   What sets your hotel apart is YOU and your ability to convince the client that you and your hotel are the best choice. 

In this one hour program we will focus on:

  • Establishing rapport - engaging the prospect in the process
  • Confirming the details
  • Qualifying questions - establishing needs
  • Presenting the property in relation to benefits
    • Web site
    • Painting word pictures
  • Decision ‘tipping points'
  • Close on something
    • The contract
    • Tentative hold
    • Decision making timeline
    • Follow up date
  • Emil Inquiries
    • Statistics indicate that speed of response increases conversion rates
    • Reading the ‘tone' of the customer
    • Confirming the details
    • Accurate info
    • Close on
      • Time to establish personal contact
      • Decision timeline

This program is being offered on February 21 at 10:00am PST/11:am MST/ Noon CST and 1:00pm EST.  WHG has negotiated a special rate of $129 per connection - gather the department around one computer! 
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