Carol Verret

I Hate Cold Calls - A Hotel Sales Seminar Open to All Hotel Sales Professionals
Wyndham Hotel and conference Centers Virginia Beach, VA March 14, 8:30am - 5:00pm

Carol Verret is launching a series of hotel sales seminars across the country in response to many requests from both individual hotel sales people and management companies.   The first of these is to be held in Virginia Beach, VA on March 14. 

I Hate Cold Calls - The A New Paradigm of Hotel Sales
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You should hate cold calls especially to those lists that begin with A or those Business Journal lists of every industry in the local market!  How much time do you and your staff spend on them -- what is the ROI on that sales time in terms of leads generated and closed?

The good news is that cold calls are pretty much dead and no one misses them much! There is a new way of doing hospitality sales.  This web cast will outline the business plan for enabling the new paradigm of sales - this series of web casts will take you step by step through the process.

"Hospitality sales managers struggle with figuring how to find and close profitable new business and to differentiate themselves from their competitors," says Carol Verret. "This seminar will detail the business model of the new paradigm of hotel sales that anyone can implement."

Sales should be fun and this paradigm puts the fun back in sales.  Technology and creativity will help you get the New Business Development prospects you want to call you!  Following this web cast you will:

  • Understand why cold calling directories don't work
  • Develop the DNA of new business prospects
  • Target the prospects most likely to result in New Business Development
  • Learn new and effective approach strategies
  • Discover how to attract new clients to the property   
  • Learn how to communicate without ‘pushing' product
  • Find associations where there is no hotel competition
  • Develop effective email communication strategies
  • Discover how to negotiate by building value
  • Discover how to create communities of current and prospective clients
  • Become an ‘intrapreneur ‘in your market segment/territory and develop a sales marketing plan for yourself and your market

Who should attend?  General Managers who manage the sales effort, Directors of Sales who want to take their sales process to the next level, sales managers who want to target and penetrate their markets or territories more effectively

Participation is $299 per person or $249 for more than one person attending from a hotel or management company.  This is for the full day and includes a workbook with additional resources and follow up email.  Space s limited.  Register now by logging into Pay Pal through this link.  There will be limited registration at the door. 

For more information call                (303) 618-4065         or email [email protected].

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