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Revenue Managing and Selling Into a Down Economy -  Web Cast February 20

$129 for Single Connection
$109 for two or more connections from a hotel or management company
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There is a phrase that if you keep on doing what you have always done you will keep on getting what you've gotten before - but not in this economy!  If you keep on doing what you did last year you will get less than you got last year - a lot less!

"This economy calls for new strategies and tactics that reflect the reality of the economic conditions," says Carol Verret.  "There are opportunities - people are still travelling and businesses are still having meetings.  It is matter of locating them and understanding how their priorities and selection parameters have changed."

In this web cast we will focus on:

  • Get aggressive in locating new business.  There are leisure and corporate customers still travelling.  We will look at the research and trends for the opportunities and cost effective, innovative ways to reach out to the real people and companies within those opportunities.

  • Revenue Managers - Keeping all the balls in the air.   Based on the new consumer priorities and selection processes, making the right offers to the right customers at the right time --  keeping  track of the offers on all channels to maximize revenue and minimize the cost of reservation.

  • Locating and appealing to the ‘trade down' customer.  We will focus on using market intelligence to identify both RFP and group customers ‘trading' into the hotel's product/rate category.

  • The ‘customer centric' strategy.  Reaching out to both leisure and corporate customers in order to  get  their  attention and set your hotel  from the other 100 hotels ‘chatter' .  The customer is clearly in the ‘driver's seat'!

  • Incentives to ‘buy now'.  Don't just lower pricing to get the business - cut deals selectively.  We will explore proven tactics to move the customer off of ‘dead center' -- actual case studies from other hotels that work!

This is not the time to ‘hunker down' - it is the time to aggressively go after new business!  At the end of this web cast participants will be able to focus on new leisure and business prospects, understand how to effectively approach them to get their attention and close the business in ways that don't break the budget!

This web cast should be attended by Revenue Managers, Directors of Sales, Sales Managers and GMs that manage the sales process. The web cast will take place on February 20 at 1:00pm EST, noon CDT, 11:00 am MDT and 10:00am PDT. The fee is $129 for a single connection and $109 for two or more connections from the same company.

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