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The New Normal - What is It and How It Impacts Hotel Sales and Revenue Managers  -
Web Cast May 15

Any hotel sales person and revenue manager can tell you demand patterns are different than they have been in the past.  The question then becomes   --  will this pass at some point soon and demand patterns of the past ‘snap' back to 2007 levels place or have been demand patterns been permanently or semi permanently altered?

Reporting on the Association of Corporate Travel Executives ( in Washington DC, Tom Belden in the Philadelphia Inquirer April 13 described the term.  "People in the travel business now have a fresh buzzword to describe what's happening. The term is new normal, meaning that airlines, hotels, conference centers, and car-rental companies are expecting their revenue has plunged to levels that could be typical for years to come."

"This is an incredible opportunity for hotel sales and revenue managers to develop processes in alignment with this paradigm shift in the economy," Says Carol Verret.  "There is a new economy emerging -- how hotels plug into this will determine success!"

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$99 for two or more connections from a hotel or management company
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This web cast will focus on:

  • The New Leisure Traveler.   With housing values declining, rising unemployment numbers and decimated 401ks, this traveler is going to be value conscious for a long time.  This doesn't mean that they are not traveling.  We will look at the forecasts for this summer, the trends and how they are making hotel selections so you can maximize this bright spot in demand. We will discuss rate strategies and maximizing revenue management opportunities in this critical segment.

  • Biz Travel Trends.   The business traveler is going on the road ‘lean and mean', forced into compliance with corporate travel managers and looking to trade into new product/rate categories in hotels.  How to appeal to this business traveler, what are they looking for and making sure that you have both the individual and corporate travel manager side covered.

  • Meetings.   While meetings aren't roaring back, Mr. Marriott is noticing that cancellations have bottomed out and bookings are increasing for 2010.  Social networking strategies are going to be an important element in this market segment. This meeting client is still going to be concerned about appearances - how can you attract them and plug into ‘new economy' companies.

At the end of this web cast, participants will be able to prepare strategies for increasing market share in all of these sectors with tactics that they can apply immediately.

This web cast should be attended by Revenue Managers, Directors of Sales, Sales Managers and GMs that manage the sales process.    The web cast will take place on May 15 at 1:00pm EST, noon CDT, 11:00 am MDT and 10:00am PDT.  The fee is $109 for a single connection and $99 for two or more connections from the same company.

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